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Dated: June 5 2023

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As I sat down to start this post I thought to myself, why do I love Station 1 Brewing, and the answer came to me instantly. The environment that has been created is one that welcomes good, deep, conversation with those you are with. I personally have shared many wonderful conversations here, whether with family, friends, or people in my professional network. I must have been onto something because when I pulled up the website and looked at who Station 1 believes they are it states clearly "we strive to cultivate moments that matter," and "sure, we love beer; but what we cherish the most are the people we share it with and the memories we make together." 

I'd say this creed perfectly sums up my experiences at Station 1 Brewing and I can't wait to have more of these enjoyable times there, maybe with you if you'd like to grab a pint and network.

Station 1 Brewing is up in Suamico, which means many people tell me "ugh why would I want to go all the way to Suamico" and I have a simple answer for them. Suamico is not far, and you'll be very happy when you get there. The wonderful folks who started the brewery took over an old fire house and converted it into an amazing spot complete with garage doors, firepits, plenty of seating, and a private room to host events. Station 1 Brewing is also one of my favorite spots to go, for one of the same reasons I love Ledgestone Vineyards & Gnarly Cedar Brewery, they don't have TVs. I asked Pete (owner and Brewmeister) about this once and the answer was simple and as I expected, "I want people to converse and share stories, not sit with one eye on a TV and be half engaged." It's a powerful thing to have a conversation with someone and look them in the eye because you feel closer and build a stronger bond, so this resonated with me.

Being a newer brewery in town, they don't have quite the beer selection that other breweries have, but that's a good thing. Pete is not churning out beers just to have something on tap, he's methodical and wants to provide customers with a quality product that they will come back to enjoy again. The beers that are on tap I can attest are awesome and well worth the short drive from anywhere in Brown County. The food options offered are limited but you are welcome to order in from elsewhere and enjoy onsite, so go order a pizza from Rustique and check out Station 1 Brewing. I promise you won't be disappointed and you'll want to go back, plus there are several great eateries within walking distance of the brewery so make a date night out of it.

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