No I'm Not the Owner (Krolls)

Dated: September 26 2023

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Some may consider this restaurant to be an institution in the community, and it's tough to disagree when I personally have a family member that demands we go here every time he visits from out of state. No it's not the fanciest meal you are going to have when you visit Green Bay, and it's also probably not the healthiest, but darnit you are going to enjoy it that much I am confident about.

Krolls West is conveniently situated next door to Lambeau Field, and Lodge Kohler, so it's very easy to not miss when you are coming to town. This diner style restaurant has not changed (granted I'm only 34) much over time and the restaurant definitely takes you back in time to a simpler time in my opinion.

If you're sitting in the restaurant section, enjoy the booths with family and friends and conveniently utilize the button at each table to signal you need assistance from a member of the friendly staff. If you don't press the button, you're not going to get any food, so make sure to click this when ready and get to ordering some great food (discussed below). Or make your way to the right side of the building and enjoy a booth, table or seat at the bar. The menu is the same, as are the amazing staff there to assist you with your order, but just a different vibe from the restaurant where you may choose to sit with a bit more light. And don't worry the whole place is filled with TVs so you won't miss a minute of any game.

And speaking of going for a game, I could have stopped in on Sunday when the Packers had an amazing come back against the Saints and enjoyed the tailgate party. Yes, they have live music, outdoor service for beverages, and the inside is open as well. But I had a different tailgate party to go to, so maybe next time.

Instead, I stopped in on Tuesday this week for a break because it was a bit of a busy day, and I decided to treat myself to a snack (I had venison at home to cook for dinner, and I didn't want to spoil that treat). If I'm going to pop in for a snack I'm going with one of two options to eat with my beer, and today I must have been missing my wife because I ordered the "chili." My other snack option at Krolls West is the fried jalapeno poppers, but I'll save those for another time.

Now, you may be wondering why I put "chili" in quotes and it's because I have a standing disagreement with my wife and I'm sure others. In my humble opinion, chili does not have noodles in it, but Krolls West serves there's with noodles, unless you ask for them to not be included. Regardless of which side of the debate you land on, the chili at Krolls West is a staple that you must include with your meal. 

And speaking of your meal, you're probably wondering what I recommend for my meal to go with the chili. Well the aforementioned deep friend jalapeno poppers for sure, and those pair great with the Original Krolls Burger. I mean honestly there is no other option, unless you substitute in some cheese curds. But what I'd recommend is one person get the curds and the other person the poppers and then split them.

Like I said, it may not be the healthiest meal in town but it's darn sure going to be one of the best tasting, most memorable, and something that needs to be part of a Green Bay Bucket List of restaurants, simply given its longevity. So my ask to you is what is your go to meal at Krolls West, and maybe consider inviting your favorite local food blogger for a meal next time you go.

Oh and I guess I'll comment on the name, no I'm not affiliated with the restaurant in any way shape or form (though if the NFL reads this feel free to interview me any way when you're in town for the Draft). My family last name is Kroll, but sadly not part of the same Kroll lineage, but if you really want a small world, my sisters name is Carolyn, or Carly for short, and the Original Krolls Burger was invented by Caroline. So let's just say I do need my mom to finally confess if she named my sister for this or not!!

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