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For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed traveling. Whether that’s to Sao Paulo, Brazil; Joplin, MO; Door County, WI, or simply down the road in DE PERE, WI. For me travel is more than just seeing new places, it’s about experiencing culture, getting to meet new people, and learning every day. To me the best part of travel is the interaction we as humans get to have with other people, because we get to learn about their lives, culture, and the great reasons they live where they live.

To do this though you need to interact with people, and what better way to do this than by enjoying a meal or drink with someone, which provides the perfect excuse to have a conversation. Whether it’s a beer, glass of wine, or full meal, these items take time to consume, and thus you have time to talk with people. After completing college at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, I began at career at Bemis Company (now Amcor), which is a manufacturing company headquartered in Oshkosh, WI and this career allowed me to travel for work across the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Brazil. I was able to meet some amazing people, see some incredible places, and try some amazing (and some strange) food.

Well after 5 years it was time for a career change and I moved to Associated Bank, though this was short lived, and I found myself working at Wisconsin Public Service for 4 years. Both roles were headquartered in GREEN BAY, WI and my travel time was greatly reduced (almost none) from a professional standpoint. But my travel with my wife continued both domestically and internationally and along the way we found great places and more food & drinks spots to share conversation over and meet new people.

I got into real estate in January 2021 and a big reason for that was human connection and building relationships with people. From Day 1, I have continually scheduled networking discussions over coffee, lunch, or drinks, and I utilize these as ways to meet people and build my network. This isn’t intended to identify new clients daily, it’s a way to build friendships and know more people in the area. Yes, it can provide me leads for new clients, but it’s also a way to connect, hear people’s stories and potentially provide insights or help others from my experiences.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “I thought this was a food blog” and guess what it is. I wanted to share a summary of my path to get to this point because that’s the bridge to how I got to the point of writing this blog. I have continually had people tell me they loved my restaurant recommendation, or “I’ve never heard of that” which is followed a few days later by “oh my that restaurant was amazing.” So, the decision was made to share my unique insights as a way to show one part of the Northeast Wisconsin real estate market, the food & drink scene.

Let’s face it if you’re moving to the area, or changing sides of the Fox River, or moving from GREEN BAY to APPLETON, you’re going to need to know where to go for dinner, so I’m here to help!! I have shared my favorite spots for drinks, coffee, & food in the area and over the coming months I’ll be sharing my reviews of each.

Latest Food Adventure for Ross & Kathryn: We recently completed a trip to Australia, specifically Melbourne, which was an amazing city. The food & drink scene here was great and we wished we had so much more time, but we did take in as much as we could. The first thing we did once we were checked into our hotel was find some lunch. Check out the BBQ Pork Bao & Lobster Encrusted Burger, but most importantly the joy on my wife's face!


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