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April 2024 Update:  Well this past weekend my wife and I went to Cleveland, OH for the NCAA Women's Final Four & National Championship. It was an amazing experience and truly spectacular to get to see. Plus all of the time I got to spend with my wife on the roadtrip and touring Cleveland was a wonderful experience. 

I started this food blog to show people my knowledge of the local community as a resident expert, which comes in handy when helping people buy a home in a local market. Well when I travel I wish I had something like this blog to turn to so I knew the spots in town to check out. And for that reason I like to share updates from my travels as well in case you ever find your self in Cleveland.

East 4th St. - This is a pedestrian only street with several great spots to eat:
 - The Corner Alley - This place had amazing salads which were great after a long drive with a cold beer.
 - Buter & the Brewer - This brewery had amazing beer, and a truly amazing appetizer of flank steak!
 - Flannery's Pub - A great Irish Pub for drinks after the Championship.
 - House of Blues - Always a great choice for a great meal.
Lucky's Cafe - This was a great brunch, with amazing bacon, and large cups of coffee!
Alley Cat Oyster Bar - Amazing Poke Bowls and even my wife who only ever wants raw fish on sushi took a chance and got an amazing bowl. This was located right along the river in a cool neighborhood of Cleveland.
West Side Market - This was an indoor farmer's market that was huge, and filled with amazing looking pastries, meats, cheeses, veggies, and plenty of other amazing options. A must see and head next door to the Market Garden Brewpub after for a tasty brunch and great drinks. 


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For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed traveling. Whether that's to Sao Paulo, Brazil; Joplin, MO; Door County, WI, or simply down the road in De Pere, WI. For me travel is more than just seeing new places, it's about exxperiencing culture, getting to meet new people, and learning every day. To me the best part of travel is the interaction we as humans get to have with other people, because we get to learn about their lives, culture, and the great reasons they live where they live. 

To do this though you need to interact with people, and what better way to do this than by enjoying a meal or drink with someone, which provides the perfect excuse to have a conversation. Whether it's a beer, glass of wine, or full meal, these items take time to consume, and thus you have time to talk with people. I am blessed to say that my first job out of college gave me the opportunity to travel to other countries, (and states). During this time I got to meet some amazing people, see some incredible places, and try some amazing (and strange) food. I went through a couple job changes (check out my Welcome to my Real Estate Blog post for more details) after that first job and eventually landed in real estate. This allowed me to spend more time experiencing the amazing restaurants in Northeast WI, and I have always traveled with my wife, and along the way we have found great places with great food & drinks.


I got into real estate in January 2021 and a big reason for that was the human connection and building relationships with people. From Day 1, I have continually scheduled networking discussions over coffee, lunch, or drinks, and I utilize these as ways to meet people and build my network. This isn't intended to identify new clients daily, it's a way to build friendships and know more people in the area. Yes, it can provide me leads for new clients, but it's also a way to connect, hear people's stories, and potentially provide insights or help others from my experiences.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "I thought this was a food blog" and guess what it is. I wanted to share a summary of my path to get to this point because that's the bridge to how I got to the point of writing this blog. I have continually had people tell me they loved my restaurant recommendation, or "I've never heard of that" which is followed a few days later by "oh my that restaurant was amazing." So, the decision was made to share my unique insights as a way to show one part of the Northeast WI real estate market, the food & drink scene.

Let's face it if you're moving to the area, or changing sides of the Fox River, or moving from Green Bay to Appleton, you're going to need to know where to go for dinner, so I'm here to help. I have shared my favorite spots for drinks, coffee, & food in the area and as the weeks go by, I plan to add more restaurants so you have a complete and easy to navigate list of the local food & drink scene.
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Food Memories | February 26, 2024:  I had coffee this past week with two individuals from Feeding America and it was a wonderful conversation. We were chatting about life, career paths, interests, and what we all do for work. I ended up diving into the food blog and my love of restaurants and this phrase was brought up. And it resonated so much with me that I decided to put a blurb of it here because it perfectly summarizes why I have a food blog as a realtor. Over the course of my life I have made numerous memories and many of my favorites get associated with conversations over a meal. A great date, catching up with an old friend, making a new friendship, or spending quality time with family at a dinner table. My goal as a realtor is to help you & your family find the home of your dreams, or make a move that is being forced via a life change be as smooth as possible. With this will come a new address and you may just need to make some food memories of your own over a great meal, so enjoy this blog.

Winter Update | 2024:  As a kid from Wisconsin, I cannot believe I didn't have a Friday Fish Fry category in here because we've got some great places for fish in Northeast WI. So I naturally started with one of my favorites and I'd love your feedback on your favorite places to get fish.

Summer & Fall Update | 2023: Wow, I cannot believe that it is already October 10, 2023; it feels like just yesterday my wife and I were in Melbourne enjoying their food, though the weather feels about the same. This summer was honestly a blur and I don't know where it went, but I'm still here and grinding so I must have refueled my body with food. As you've hopefully noticed there has been some updates to the various individual restaurant blogs throughout the summer and I hope you have enjoyed them. My wife and I have gotten out and shared some great meals with people; whether that's a Rustique pizza while sitting at Station 1 Brewing, calling an audible on golf to go to Bleu, enjoying delicious food at Main Street Bourbon Room, or enjoying a cup of coffee at The Exchange. There have been some amazing meals shared with even better conversation and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to share our lives with amazing people. I look forward to hopefully connecting with some of you soon for a meal. And if you're intrigued about what I've been up to from a business perspective, check out my latest update HERE.

Spring Update | 2023:  As I mentioned above, my wife and I love to travel and below is a photo of my beautiful wife at a gastor pub style restaurant in Melbourne. You'll also see a photo of a sunset over the Sea of Galilee while we were in Israel back in March.


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