One Block from Christmas (Apollon)

Dated: September 11 2023

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Well that's an intriguing name for a blog post Ross, so yeah it was clickbait for me and now I'm trying to figure out what you mean by only "a block away from Christmas." I'll tell you but not at the start of this entry, instead you'll have to read through my review of Apollon first.

Last week Friday a very good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and no I'm not going to tell you which birthday haha. She is an amazing person and a dear friend so my wife and I decided that while doing a staycation in Appleton for our anniversary we would do dinner with her (and her boyfriend) instead of just us two. And surprise surprise, her mom had come into town as well for her birthday so the five of us got together for dinner at Apollon and had a wonderful evening. 

Now I will say I used to live in Appleton, and I'm fairly familiar with the dining scene but this was a place I had never heard of so I was intrigued. It's situated a block off College Ave just to the NE of the Copperleaf Hotel and I didn't realize this was here. The ambiance and atmosphere at the restuarant was amazing, it was cozy and quaint and everyone present last Friday was clearly happy and enjoying their meals. My wife and I actually had lunch earlier in the day at the Appleton Been Factory and we lucked out with the same waitress, and I say lucked out because she was AMAZING!!!

The five of us started with some birthday beverages to start from an awesome wine & cocktail list, and we shared some great conversation (mostly stories about the birthday girl). Eventually though we had to get some food and not being well versed in Greek and Meditteranean food I had never heard of Saganaki. But the birthday girl had and she ordered this right away to start and how does a guy from the Green Bay area not know about flaming cheese??? Yes, a plate of cheese is brought to your table, and lit on fire right there giving it a nice char and it was amazing!

From here we all ordered our dinners and no one went home hungry or disappointed, in fact the plates were cleaned easily. As usual I will share what my wife and I each had because I always steal a bite or two of hers :)

I got the stuff grouper and oh my oh my oh my was this amazing. I am a seafood lover and grouper is a fish that we don't get many places around here so it caught my eye. My plate was cleared within minutes haha because I couldn't stop eating it was so amazing. My wife surprised me with here order, the fresh scallops gorgonzola, and I'm glad she got this. Yeah I took a bite or two from her and the scallops were perfectly cooked and I couldn't have eaten several of them, but I was nice and didn't steal her whole dinner haha.

Apollon is for sure a hidden gem in the Appleton area but well worth the drive for those of you living up by Green Bay, or down by Oshkosh. And when you're done with your meal, yes they have a great dessert menu, which we did not try because we had other plans......

Apollon is conveniently located one block from Cleo's so we had to take the birthday girl their for a celebratory drink and show her Cleo's. She had never been and for those of you that have, you know why we had to take her there. If you haven't been to Cleo's well it speaks for itself and to find you, you'll have to go..... if you like Christmas decorations.

Thank you Apollon for an amazing meal and I'll be sure to visit again.

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One Block from Christmas (Apollon)

Well that's an intriguing name for a blog post Ross, so yeah it was clickbait for me and now I'm trying to figure out what you mean by only "a block away from Christmas." I'll tell you but not at

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