Fine Dining in an "Olde Square" (Bleu)

Dated: September 11 2023

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I'll be honest, every time I drive by this restaurant and area of town I feel like it's the old west with a modern touch to the buildings. There are various shops, offices, restaurants, and other businesses in the Olde School Square, but one of them is an amazing restaurant that this entry is about (there is another entry for aidfferent spot). Bleu is a spot that if you haven't been, you have to check out, but I'll be honest on something I don't always talk about... Go here on a date or with friends, because it's going to cost more than most places in the greater Green Bay area.

The exterior may feel like the old west, but the food is certainly out of the 21st Century. My wife and I only go here periodically; typically Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or when we want to celebrate something with friends. It's fine dining for sure, but in a very comfortable atmosphere. I don't want to describe it as industrial, more farmhouse you could say, but in the end the easiest way to describe the atmostphere is, comfortable. The wait-staff has always been amazing, every time I've been here, with amazing knowledge of the menu, great recommendations, patience, and attential to detail when describing meals.

The most recent trip to Bleu for my wife and I happened in early August, on a Thursday evening when we were actually planning to golf with another couple. Well we had to cancel golf, because we were celebrating our friends being pregnant with their first child. It was wonderful to find out months ago that they were expecting, and as August approached our golf date had to be switched because golf was no longer an option. We are so ecstatic for them and the upcoming birth of their first child and Bleu was simply the best and only option to celebrate.

And the food did not disappoint..... I got the grilled beef tenderloin filet and, in short, was perfectly cooked. I asked for medium rare and I got medium rare. Every bite melted in my mouth and it was simply perfectly cooked. My wife went a different route with pasta, specifically the portabella mushroom ravioli. Yes, I stole a bite or two from her and I'm not ashamed to admit that. I mean after all I'm the one typng a food blog so I had to review the flavor right?? Well I stole more than one bite because let's just say the first was so good I needed more.

Yes, this is a shorter entry with no photos and you're probably wondering why I didn't include pictures from that evening of the retaurant or of us. Well the reason for that is simple, we were too busy sharing community and spending time together. Next time I'll grab some photos to share with everyone.

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